Trout recipes

Ok, you've caught your trout, now what? If you are fortunate enough to be a chef or competent cook (or know someone who is) then you might feel like skipping this page! However, if you like trying different ways of cooking your trout, here's a guide to smoking and serving your trout and if you would like a  recipe booklet, contact us through our form and we will send you one. 

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Cold Smoking your trout

Raw fillets ready for curing

The trout have been cleaned and filleted with the pin bones removed, ready for the curing mix. Use a mix of 50/50 soft brown sugar and coarse sea salt, make sure each layer of fish has a layer of cure above and below it. Place in a fridge for approximately 5 hours.

Cured fillets ready for drying

After 5 hours curing, wash the cure off the fillets, dry with kitchen towel and place on drying racks in the fridge for at least 24 hours until the "pellicle" or skin has formed on the fillets. 

We're smokin!

Put the fillets on hooks and suspend in your smoker (this was an old upright freezer with a cold smoke generator). Use oak for a robust flavour or beech for a milder flavour. Smoke the fillets for 12 to 18 hours depending on thickness. Allow the fillets to rest in the smoker once the flow of smoke has stopped, to reduce the smokiness.

Serving your trout

Trout three ways

Here we have cold smoked, hot smoked and pan fried trout. To hot smoke the trout, use a cold smoked fillet and place in a Brookes or Camerons hot smoker for 10 minutes until fully cooked. Serve with plenty of lemon, horseradish crème fraiche and fresh dill.

Cold smoked trout with Prawns

Such a simple but effective dish, mixed salad, cooked and cooled king prawns and thinly sliced trout with a horseradish crème fraiche sauce. Use fresh horseradish if you can, however use it sparingly!

Hot smoked trout ready for making pate.

Once your trout has cooled down to below 10c flake the flesh and mash lightly. For two fillets, add the juice of 1 lemon, a tablespoon each of fresh dill and parsley, plenty of fresh ground pepper and a pinch of smoked paprika. If you like a little heat, add a finely chopped mild chilli. fold into 500Ml of crème fraiche, chill and just before serving, sprinkle with more fresh dill.