Fly Fishing Tuition

Learning a new skill can be a great experience, it can also be a little daunting and frustrating! Our aim is to provide you with top class instruction to enable you to achieve your goals. We take time to understand you and what you would like to achieve from our instruction sessions then tailor our approach to ensure you achieve them.  Please do not hesitate to ask as we will do our very best to accommodate you.  We have several lesson formats, depending on your skill level and time available. 

Take care when looking for an instructor, There are a few unqualified people offering instruction, we advise against using anyone who isn't qualified and certified by an angling organisation such as the Game Angling Instructors association or the Angling Trust, after all, you wouldn't use an unqualified plumber to fix you gas stove would you?

We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously and make sure we are up to date with the necessary qualifications and to enable us to assure you of an excellent service.

 Choose from the three hour starter/taster session where we go through safety, tackle, casting (overhead and roll casts), flies and when to use different ones, watercraft and "reading" the water, with you fishing at the end of the session to try and catch a fish. 

The next option is a one and a half hour session aimed at learning or improving a specific aspect of fishing, whether it be a particular cast or other topic such as entomology or watercraft.  

We do a half or full days guiding/instruction on a lake such as Blagdon or Chew Valley lake, or a river typically the Exe or Wye.

We normally provide all the necessary equipment and flies, however if you want to use your own, that's fine!
Please see pricing section for our fees.


We also offer the courses as gifts for your family and friends. We will provide you with a full description of the course and a gift certificate for you to present to the recipient. We will then book directly with them to organise the course.

fly fishing tuition on rivers
Fly Fishing Tuition for the younger person

Bristol Reservoirs Fly Fishing Association

As a member of the BRFFA I am pleased to support the youth pathway programme. If you would like to take part please either contact me or the number on the poster.