Fishing in Mind

How great it is to be able to switch off the daily stresses and strains of life and give yourself time to think about what you want to think of. Or not even think about anything, just free your mind and take the time to do nothing! 
I call it  "mental health" time.
Over the years fishing has provided millions of people the opportunity to get away and have time to themselves, its not selfish, its self preservation and restorative time. Its an absorbing, sometimes all encompassing experience where you are completely in your own world for a while. 
It has helped rebuild lives and relationships, bringing peace and calm to those who need it. 
However, Fishing is a sociable sport as well, if you want it to be. 
We recognise you may just want someone to take you fishing and help you find your own space and time, drop us an email or call us, we can help.

Sunset over Blagdon Lake